Daniel and Terry from Brisbane's The Lost Knights dropped by to talk about their new single 'Paper Skies', writing a song with their fans during lock down and some of the cool bands they have shared the stage with. 

"Songs take mountains of effort but they’re a drop in the ocean that is billions of unheard worldwide music releases. This song takes a trip down memory lane and we reminisce about our failed & separated previous bands and their respective band members who have said goodbye along the way. Finally, we want to acknowledge the heart-felt songs written by aspiring musicians who desperately want the world to hear their stories."

Hi Guys thanks for stopping by for a chat. First off I need to ask, did I miss something with your latest release? There seems to be an extra EP up alongside your latest single. 

Terry: Yeah we just dropped something recently but we thought it was a good time, given what everyone is going through, to get an EP remixed from seven years ago and drop that as well as the single. 

Phew I thought I had missed something! 

Daniel: We’re dropping them left, right and centre! We’re loving it. 

You have some guesties on the EP. Is the Jesse Higginson the Jesse from Flynn Effect ?? 

Daniel: Yeah you’ve got it. 

Terry: Wow well done. 

I love Flynn Effect! 

Terry: We used to work together and he hit me up saying that he loved Hope You Change and could he remix it. I was like yeah and we will eventually get it out on an EP I promise you. I literally messaged him about five days ago and told him that I had held my promise up! 

You have a release show coming up, the way Covid is again, is that going to cause you problems do you think? 

Daniel: This covid thing is a disaster isn’t it? There are restrictions on the show and with Brisbane it’s tricky. Every time we want to do something, it will be quiet for a long time but the moment you want to do something we get another Covid scare. We’ll see how it pans out. We were supposed to do a tour this time but the way the world is we are glad we didn’t persist with that now. 

Terry: It felt real when we started booking the Australian tour but we had a chat and watched all our friends bands cancel. We talked about it and we couldn’t risk getting caught in another state, it was a real bummer to change all the plans. 

Daniel: We are really excited for the shows that we have booked. We just want them to hurry up and get here, you know its like any time you have something booked you hope and pray that it happens and once its done you are so happy that you made it. 

Terry: I saw a Twitter post the other day and someone said any band that tried to book a tour now is an idiot. It’s what we love to do, its hard because you don’t know what is coming up in the next month. It sucks. 

Daniel: That’s the thing. How do you plan? It’s so up and down and unpredictable. What do you do? Do you wait three or four years until it’s over? Or so you take the gamble? 

Let’s talk about ‘Paper Skies’ your new single. I really like it. It’s almost relevant to what is happening now isn’t it? 

Terry: Yeah you could say that I guess. 

Daniel: We have been a band for seven years now, we love what we do and we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t. We love music and we love spending time together. But you do want to do the best you can and reach as many people as possible and make a difference in people lives. But no matter how good you are or how hard you work there’s an element of luck in there too. It’s tricky because you are one small drip of water in the ocean of bands that are trying to do the same thing. So there are moments of frustration where you think to yourself, you are trying so hard and you have goals set but you don’t always reach your goals. That can be frustrating, especially when you are in the game for such a long period of time. That’s sort of where the song came from. We didn’t want to be sad sacks about it, we wanted to be a bit smart-arsey and in your face,  take the piss a bit which I think is working quite well. 

Terry: It totally comes from a range of emotions, that’s what Dan is trying to say. It was from a fun perspective- a piss take. Oh can I say that? 

Absolutely you can! 

Daniel: Haha good. Terry say some dirty ones! (laughs) 

Terry: (laughs) It comes from that range of emotions, and you know what? Even the radio announcement at the beginning just came last minute. This is the tone of it. The song takes you in different sorts of places and if you listen to the lyrics they go from being a bit sad sacky, to frustrated, to having fun. We have a lot of fun, as you see in the film clip. 

I don’t know but I think Brisbane seems to be up there with Melbourne at the moment for bands. 

Terry: I couldn’t agree with you more. I was just telling Dan at practise a few nights ago, I just shuffled a list on Apple Music and I came across this band called Waxx. I said to him ‘Man these guys are sick but we will never get to play with them because they will be from Melbourne.” They are from Brissy! 

So many good bands! 

Terry: They would go through a lot of the things that we go through with this song as well to draw it back to Paper Skies. It’s hard for them to bubble up. We have been around for a long time but we want to play with these young bands that are coming through because they are so cool . They’ve got new fresh takes and stuff like that. It will take a while to even surface through social media. This song is for them in a way as well. They have a big journey ahead. 

Daniel: It’s good. We have two headline shows coming up. One in Brisbane and one on the Gold Coast and we are playing with bands that we have never played with before which we are really excited about. We are playing with Strange Fiction and War Bear, that’s the coolest part. Earlier this year we did a small run with Valhalla. We are meeting all these amazing bands that we haven’t had a chance to play with before. They are all so amazing to be around but its also that new experience of seeing what other bands do and learning from them. We love the bands that we have played with in the past but there are times in our journey that we have played with some bands quite regularly. Which is cool and we love those bands but its nice to have a bit more variety of bands in the water now. 

That’s a good way to grow your own fanbase too because people come to see the other bands and they see you guys playing. Also Strange Fiction are really good! 

Daniel: Correct. We are excited to be playing with them. They are a bit more on the heavier side of both our supports which is cool. If you listen to our earlier stuff we were much softer, we don’t know where the journey will take us but given our last couple of singles were a bit more high energy and rockier we thought it would be great to chuck on some of the heavier bands. 

You worked with Dark Polar Collective, who I haven’t heard of before, for Paper Skies. 

Daniel: Yeah Jackson is so talented. He is involved in so many different avenues. He actually worked with us through the whole process. He helped co-write the song, recorded us, produced us, did our promo shoot and the video shoot. He has been imperative in the whole process. He’s actually the guitarist from East Capri. We’ve worked with him in the past and we have a few things coming up with him. He’s based in Brisbane too which works really well for us. He’s doing really good things for the music industry. 

You have played with some pretty amazing bands. The Comfort, Awaken I Am, Young Lions and Slaves! 

Daniel: I think we have played with Slaves twice and we played with Johnny Craig as a solo act once as well. We love Slaves, I personally really enjoy their newer stuff. In fact the newer stuff they did, they did with Jimmy from Awaken I Am. 

Yeah I knew that. They toured with Awaken I Am when I saw them play. 

Daniel: We have been really lucky with some of the bands that we have been able to perform with. We look at the history we have and think wow we are so lucky. A lot of them we have grown up listening too or they are idols of ours or they are huge influences in the music scene. To get to play with a lot of these bands is fantastic. 

What do you guys listen to when your not recording or playing your own stuff? 

Terry: A lot! A lot of Australian stuff. From the roots I love soft stuff so Amy Sharks latest album, for the heavier stuff its more what we’re kind of dipping our toes in these days. Hands Like Houses. 

Daniel: Terry is a big fan of bands like Hellions. 

I love Hellions. 

Daniel: Jesse draws a lot of his influence from artists like Dean Lewis, May Day Parade, Go Radio where as I’m like Terry. I listen to everything from hip hop to pop to rock. I think my biggest influence though has come from bands like Bring Me The Horizon, The Amity Affliction, Bad Omens and Falling In Reverse. We are lucky in the sense that we all listen to similar music but we all have our own influences which really makes us a bit unique in that regard. We don’t write to please anybody. We just say we are writing and whatever happens, happens.  

I think bands have come to realise that they don’t need to write to fit into a genre. They need to write for themselves. 

Terry: Everything you say I agree with completely. You took the words out of my mouth. Even Taylor Swift, a big, big pop artist, her latest album was not what I expected. It was so calm and indie, I didn’t think it was her. I love it, its refreshing. 

I’m a bit heavier than that. I listen to Deathcore and some Black Metal along with most genres of metal! 

Terry: We did actually just do a show with metal Celtic band Valhalla and that was awesome. They are very cool. I guess with having such a wide range we have been spoilt for choice in the past as well. We have the acoustic love songs and now we are venturing into this more rocky metally, I wouldn’t even say we were metal yet, more heavier rock. Its been cool to be spoilt for choice. Maybe that’s why we haven’t cracked the surface. Maybe a new manager would probably wonder what the hell we were doing but we are just having fun. 

When you lose the fun you lose the creativity. 

Daniel: Last year was good because like every other band we got the chance to write. But one of the biggest things we sat down and said last year was ‘What do we want to do in the band?’ The biggest thing that we loved was performing, but also writing and releasing music. It’s hard with the performing aspect with Covid but there is no stopping us from releasing music because we have the potential to write. Jackson is available to help us as much as possible so we have the capacity to just be smashing out new tunes which we are really loving. 

Terry: In some avenues covid has been kind to some and harsh to others in the music industry. Even going back to that releasing different music it forced bands to spend more time writing at home or in the studio. Last year we actually wrote a song with our fans as well, a song called ‘Together’. We recorded it on out phones and released it. It’s up on Spotify. We asked the fans to write the lyrics for us. We live streamed the guitar parts and then Daniel live streamed what he thought the drum parts would sound like a few nights later. I did the same with the melody ideas and everyone just posted messages of what they wanted the lyrics to be, we kept it really broad, the word was Together. I think we had a few things like love and staying close and keep people in the same circle. It was awesome and we dropped the song about two weeks later. We couldn’t even see each other at that stage, it was during the hardcore lock down. 

Daniel: Yeah that was the coolest part, we really wanted to connect with our fans. We had all these ideas and that was just one of them that worked out really well. We had no idea how it was going to go. It’s the scariest thing when you open up and let so much in to your fans, you let them see a really raw side of you. Normally with most bands what you see  has had so much go into it, to the point it is perfect or almost. Whereas letting them in at the very start by saying we are writing a song with you, this is how we write, you give us your ideas: that is scary because artists like us might write 100 songs and not all of them see the light of day. It was a lot of pressure but it worked out really well. The fans really got onboard with it. Now they have the capacity to say that they helped write a song. 

Terry: That was when we first started working with Jackson. He said, ‘Are you putting this together, I have everything I need at home I can mix it for you”. We were like sweet let’s get this show on the road. We had stopped stagnant for four months and we didn’t want to waste the whole year just sitting around. Let’s write a song with our fans, we hadn’t done that before. 

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a band doing that to be honest. 

Daniel: Yeah we thought it was pretty unique, it was terrifying but we didn’t think it had been done before. We looked at it and thought if our favourite bands did something like this and we got the chance to be a part of some sort of release then that would be the coolest thing. 

Anything else guys? 

Daniel: Yeah just the fact that we are really grateful to be here so thanks so much for having us. This is the coolest part about this release, we have met a whole new range of people and got to do things that we have never done before. We are thankful for the opportunities. I think the biggest thing is that we hope that you and all our fans and supporters enjoy what we have put together. 

The boys had two gigs planned for the release but due to covid they have been postponed until further notice so jump on their socials and keep your eye out for the new dates and grab a ticket.


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