Father Deer Hands recently released 'Factory Reset', I caught up with guitarist Wade Garnett a few weeks back to have a chat about the single and accompanying film clip which depicts a Robot having the worst day ever! 

You headlined a gig Saturday night! How was it. 

It was awesome, we sold it out so that was pretty cool. It was a crazy good response from the crowd and we had all our friends there. There were people we didn’t know too which was really cool. 

The video clip for your new single ‘Factory Reset’ is out, what a cool idea for a video! 

That was our vocalist Matt’s idea. Most of the stuff that we do is just us hanging out and talking shit, all of a sudden Matt was like what if we have a dude dressed up as robot?? We were laughing about it and coming up with all these dumb ideas, that’s when we thought to make the robot out of boxes and make it look super cute. Definitely DIY looking. 

Like a kids Book Week costume! 

Yeah pretty much. We just went nuts on it. Our good friend Amy Mac, who also plays in Vilify and The Beautiful Monument, is the best. As soon as we told her the idea she was like okay, awesome lets do it! (laughs) There was that awkward pause of how the hell am I going to do this… She was fantastic. Her and Liz were like can we pull our lounge room apart and cover it in silver warming sheets so it looks like you are in the robots stomach or something? We were like yeah go for it! 

Tell me a bit about ‘Factory Reset’. 

On the release we were all freaking out about getting it played as much as possible and all that sort of stuff. It kind of put a bit of a weird taste in our mouth, where we were asking ourselves why wasn’t it blowing up. Matt was like this is exactly what the song is about, us feeling this way and being freaked out. It’s super ironic, as soon as he said that we were all just like ‘Holy shit, we just need to look at what we have’, and just enjoy it. Basically when it comes to any song writing stuff, from the get-go Matt is just a wizard when it comes to lyrics, so it’s usually ‘Hey man here’s the song, go nuts’. There have been heaps of songs that I have played on stage, and in the band for months on end, and I have no idea what they are about. Then I finally get a chance to read the lyrics and I’ll be like Holy shit; this is actually really cool. 

Does he come to you guys with lyrics and you write around that or the other way around? 

Deer Hands is kind of like, I sit down in my undies (laughs) and pick up the guitar, write a bunch of riffs and then take them to practise. I guess we kind of write the way a high school student would. When James and I started Deer Hands we both agreed that the whole idea of sitting in front of a computer with a guitar and being like okay guys this is the song, wasn’t for us. Its really just four friends jamming and having a great time. Like that bit isn’t crazy enough, this needs to be a weird time signature, you know wouldn’t it be ridiculous if we put a country part here or something! It’s a fun thing that we take very seriously. But there is no predetermined thing, I’ll come up with maybe a chorus part or some guitar riff. Sometimes that happens at band practise, where I’ll put my fingers in a weird spot and all of a sudden it’s like hey stop, this is sick. Once that comes together Matt is already ticking things away in his head. Like I said there are no pro tools involved, he records us playing it on his phone and the next week he will come back and the song is nearly 100% there. He’s crazy! 

Vocalist Matthew Betmalik  had this to say about Factory Reset "...a song about something I've come quite familiar with over the course of my life, which is losing. My whole life I've tried to hold onto things that are fleeting, and every time they went away I'd always blame myself. I still hate myself for the way I've let people treat me and everything I've lost along the way, but I've come to realise that nothing lasts forever. Life comes in unpredictable waves, one minute you're on top and the next you're drowning, either you can wipe out every time or learn to ride with it."

Do you guys go into a studio or do all the recording yourselves? 

Yeah. We can probably only ever see ourselves working with Clay at The Brain Recording Studio. Tyson and I were both interns there, we both came out of music college and interned there. We developed an awesome friendship with Clay. He really is like the fifth member of the band, like the fun side of it I guess. I’ve literally sent Clay riffs on my phone, not in my underpants (laughs), but just being like yo! check this out. He’ll reply Holy shit and that is enough input for me, I know it’s a good one. So as far as mixing, mastering and recording goes with Clay we just do our thing. And the coolest part about going to The Brain recording studios is there is so much gear and stuff there. It feels really warm, that mixing desk and all that gear is in a way Clay’s instrument. He just brings so much to our songs with his knowledge. The dude has been doing it for a long time. He’s brutally honest in the nicest way, I’ve spent hours playing riffs, he’s not there so much for popularity he’s there to service the song and push it to its maximum potential. That desk is like an extension of his body, its insane to watch. 

Anything else you guys want to tell us? 

Yes go and listen to Vilify!! 

Oh yep I back that! 

They are very intimidating to play after. They are our friends and when we watched them we were like Jesus, now we have to pull our asses into gear and top that. I honestly don’t think we did, they were incredible to watch.



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